Dennis Blair is one of the most talented and versatile comedians in show business. His act combines music, standup and topical observation, and
can be tailored to the tastes of any audience he works with. As a result, he is equally at home in comedy clubs, corporate venues, cruise ships and
concert halls. He has performed on The Tonight Show and HBO, has co-hosted the Stephanie Miller Radio Show with Elayne Boosler, and has
entertained everywhere from Carnegie Hall in New York to the Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles to the Kennedy Center in Washington DC. He
has appeared regularly in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Lake Tahoe, Reno and Laughlin with such major celebrities as Rodney Dangerfield, Joan Rivers,
Jackie Mason, the Beach Boys, Gloria Estefan, Tom Jones and George Carlin (with whom he toured for over eighteen years in the U.S. and Canada).
“This guy will soon be a household face and name”
- Liz Smith, NY Daily News
“The funniest man in the world” - Elayne Boosler
“It wouldn’t be fair to call him an impressionist,
because he’s more than that. He’s a parodist and
a satirist and a singer…well, there’s no word to
describe him.” -  Randolph Hogan, NY Times
“He has the fastest comedy mind of anyone I
ever met.  If life is fair, he should make it big”
– Rodney Dangerfield
“Dennis should be writing and starring in
movies. He’s got a great, crooked sense of
humor. There’s a lot of Woody Allen in Dennis”  
- Joan Rivers
“Carlin’s set was opened by Dennis Blair, a solid
comic who consistently scored with mainstream
material.”  -  Paul Farhi, Washington Post
“The only person who can make me belly-laugh.”
- George Carlin
“His act is one clever thing after another. He’s
very funny, for a gentile.” - Jackie Mason
“Dennis Blair is a talented comedian who combines
hysterical jokes and ingenious melodies into a
fresh mix of comedy that hits a high note in humor
each night.”  
-  Steven Renville, Las Vegas Image
2003-2014 Double B Productions

I worked with George for about twenty years.
I know his health had deteriorated recently,
because I saw the change from the George of
several years ago...Happy, upbeat, constantly
funny, a great guy to hang around the
more recent guy who was apparently
suffering.  Through all the obvious physical
pain, the onstage mind and the offstage
writing skills were as sharp as ever.  I
constantly strived, and will continue to strive,
to be one billionth as good as he was. Truly
one of the best comedians to have walked
this strange planet.  Wish the final years had
been easier for him.  I'm sad he's gone.

- Dennis

“In my line of work, 3 successes in 10 attempts at bat make you a star.  If you’re 10
for 10, that’s 1,000 batting average.  A 1,000 batting average elevates you to that
category of stardom few people can reach.  Whether it’s performing at ARF or other
shows I’ve attended, you have always been a 1,000 performer!”
- Tony LaRussa, manager of the St. Louis Cardinals and founder of ARF (Animal
Rescue Foundation)

“Not only was your act clean, but you were funny, refreshing and your blend of
music and comedy was priceless.” - Patricia Schaefer, VP Business Support
Services, Blue Cross of California

“Dennis Blair is one of the funniest stand-up comedians and musical
impressionists in the business, and his performances have always been a
resounding success.”  - Isaac Blech, Sterling-Blech Biotechnology Inc.

I want to thank you for the fantastic performance you put on at our annual Sales
Awards Banquet. The comments we received from our staff were:  "Side Splitting",
"The ultimate abdominal workout from laughing so hard", "How are we ever going
to top this next year" and "This was the best clean show we have ever seen".  

SYSCO Foodservices of Ventura

I have received more compliments on this party than any other party I’ve ever
planned!  They loved you.  Had comments like, Funniest man I’ve ever seen.  My
sides hurt I laughed so much, Can we get him next year!  Thanks again for taking
the time to entertain us.  Everyone truly enjoyed your performance and from an HR
standpoint, we really appreciate the clean, funny entertainment that you provided to
an extremely tired, overworked team!  We will definitely keep you in mind for next
year if it can work out.  Thanks again!

Lifetouch Photography, Chatanooga TN

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